Our services

Our team focuses not only on brokering the purchase or sale of Florida real estate, but we offer comprehensive real estate services for our clients.

Based on the client's specifications, we locate a specific property. It is very important to be able to listen well and properly understand the client's requirements and needs and be able to translate them into reality. The real estate market in the USA is very specific, with restrictions and rules that are often new to Czech clients. Therefore, it is very important to be able to explain these differences to the client correctly.

We will guide you through the entire buying process, which is different from the Czech Republic, as outlined above. We will explain the whole procedure and will be there to help you all the time. Buying a property is not the end of our work for us, there are a number of follow-up services that we can offer to the client. Long-standing knowledge of the local area is of course a huge advantage.

We work with a team of lawyers and tax advisors, including Czech-speaking ones, who will be happy to help you with issues related to owning property in the US.

But of course, we also help with setting up related services, setting up energy, property management, etc.

We will be happy to discuss all of the above and other more detailed information with you at a personal meeting in Prague or anywhere in the Czech Republic or other locations without the need to visit the USA. Thanks to the fact that today offers the possibility to deal with almost everything remotely, it is a matter of course to connect with colleagues in the USA and make any inspections remotely.


If you have the cash, the whole property purchase process can be completed within 2 weeks. 

The main role in the process is played by the closing agent. This is basically a law firm, chosen by either the buyer or the seller, that manages the entire buying process. It guarantees that there are no pledges on the property, takes custody of the money, arranges all the necessary documents for the transfer of the property, draws up a clear schedule of finances and organises the closing, during which it pays commissions to the brokers, pays the seller, and carries out the acts necessary to register changes in the land register.

After identifying the right property, the buyer submits an offer, which is in writing and, if accepted by the seller, constitutes a legally concluded purchase contract for the property. The offer is often time limited, usually 24 or 48 hours. If the seller has comments or changes to the offer, it is a counter-offer and it is the buyer's decision whether or not to accept it. If both parties agree and sign, the contract is binding.

If the offer is accepted, a deposit must be deposited with the closing agent within a few days. 

At this stage, proof of the availability of funds is usually required, e.g. a bank statement. If the purchase of the property will be financed by a loan, proof of prequalification is attached.

The deposit is fully refundable if the buyer does not receive financing or is not satisfied with the results of the inspection. As part of the inspection, the buyer may withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. The time for inspection is always included in the purchase contract, usually 10-15 days. 

Before the closing itself, the closing agent delivers a closing statement to both parties, which clearly states what fees are being paid by which party and how much the final amount the seller will receive after everything is deducted. 

If the client is present at the closing, he signs the documents on the spot, if not, he receives the documents electronically, with the signatures to be notarized.