Below we would like to show you what type of property is possible to buy in this price range in Florida. Of course, individual locations differ from each other, so it is important to stress that this is an illustrative offer, links to specific properties will be sent after a precise request from the client.


As the supply of real estate in Florida is huge and constantly changing in the current time, it is de facto impossible for us to offer specific properties from a technical point of view. Therefore, we are only providing general examples of what the property types may look like. We would also like to emphasise that we are not contractually bound to any particular broker or developer, the only reference point for us is the client's wishes.

Property up to $300.000

Mostly condos (apartments) in buildings that have common areas for use by owners or tenants. There are condo fees associated with the use of the apartment, varying in amount and related to the range of services offered, the age of the unit, etc. Condos are very popular, but the owner must be prepared that there are often restrictions, e.g. on renting.

Property up to $500.000

Sample house around $500,000. In most houses, at least 2-3 bedrooms are commonplace, each of which usually includes a separate bathroom or two bedrooms sharing one. The bedrooms have a "walk-in" closet, of course there is a kitchen with a dining area or separate dining room, a living room, and sometimes there is a den. The laundry room is usually a separate room in the house, located right at the entrance of the house through the garage. If there is a swimming pool at the house, sometimes the terrace around it and the pool itself is covered with a net-covered structure, called a lanai. This is a very effective protection against insects and it helps a lot with the maintenance of the pool.

Property around $1.000.000

Houses around $1,000,000 are of course more luxurious and spacious, but it all depends on the location, which is extremely important. If we find a house around $1mil closer to the sea, it will definitely look different than a house for the same price inland. As with any other real estate, the basic rule of the real estate market applies - location, location, location. This is a key rule for any real estate investment, and Florida is no exception.

Property around $2.000.000

Homes around $2,000,000 and up typically already offer first-class luxury and comfort. Of course, the above rule applies here too - location, location, location. More expensive properties have home theaters, gyms, elevator, outdoor kitchen, game rooms, it is beautiful if the house is located on a canal for example, has its own dock and therefore it is possible to have your boat at the house.